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Career Counselling

"I need a new job. Just tell me what I should do!"
When frustration sets in, this becomes a familiar statement. However, is it realistic to expect that another person can know what you want to do?

Our personalised service is designed to help working professionals who are experiencing job burnout or are at a particular career crisis point, gain better clarity on their job and career goals.

Our process uses methodologies from developmental, social and positive psychology. We couple this with cognitive restructuring to help individuals gain awareness and be able to better chart their own career path.

Career Counselling

1. Exploration Phase (4 to 6-sessions)

  • In this 1st phase, we direct you to examine your motives, likes and dislikes as well as experiences.
  • Light pre-session work is designed to try to help ideas flow with greater ease during the session.
  • During the session, we mind map your thoughts so that you get to see a visual representation of yourself.
  • Sessions are scheduled about a week apart so that you are not overwhelmed as ideation is tiring.

2. Analysis & Goal Setting Phase (1 to 2-sessions)

  • In the 2nd phase, a thematic analysis is first performed offline on your expressed thoughts and feelings.
  • This process highlights 4 areas:
    1. Areas you 'lean towards' or motivate you,
    2. Areas you 'lean away from' or repel/ demotivate you,
    3. Areas that can blindside you as your focus is elsewhere,
    4. Environments that put you in harms way because of a natural tendency.
  • Occasionally, the pre-analysis might contain information gaps so we spend some time clearing those up with you.
  • We then refine our analysis and share this with you and provide guidance to narrow down a goal that is clear to you.
  • A session is scheduled at least 1-week after the exploration phase as you will also need time to reflect on your expressed thoughts and feelings. A second session is sometimes necessary if new information is highlighted as time is required to unpack the experience. This generally helps to gain better clarity.

3. Progress Monitoring Phase (1 or more sessions, over 2 months)

  • In the 3rd phase, after a month, we contact and try to arrange to meet you in an informal setting, to coach you and track your progress over a two month period.
  • 1-face to face session is allocated for this phase.
  • You may also contact us after this period if you like additional coaching support.

Awareness is a unique and very powerful deliverable:

What you get out of the process depends on what you are willing to put into it. The more detail that is provided, the better the overall picture, which leads to improved clarity for you.

Our Fees
- The initial phone consultation is free.
- S$ 180 for each 2-3 hour session.
- Please refer to Career FAQs for terms and conditions.

Next Step
- To book the initial consultation, Contact Us.
- We will reply within a day via email to arrange to chat with you over the phone, at a convenient time.

This shall be to get a sense of how you feel, if this service is appropriate for you and to answer questions you may have about the methodology or process we employ.

Have Questions / Need Other information?
Do read our Testimonial, Career FAQs and Career Search, pages.

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